Top 5 Websites to Buy Dota Accounts From

So if we buy a Dota 2 account at good prices and then sell it after ranking up or making it more valuable supposedly it’ll go for profit. then this whole process will be called flipping. There are also several other reasons why people purchase Dota 2 accounts other than flipping them for profit. Here’s a list of them:

Time-saving and energy-saving:

Players buy Dota 2 accounts because they want to play at a higher rank and wanna get better as soon as possible. So buying an account allows them to play with much higher ranked players resulting in them getting better at a faster pace. It saves players their time and their energy and they also benefit from getting much better teammates than ever before.

Bad behavior:

Dota 2 is a hard game and low skill level players in your team make it even harder. So if a player abuses or shouts at his teammates he will get a negative behavior score resulting in not getting rank or straight banned from Dota 2 for toxicity. So emotional players buy these accounts to continue playing Dota 2 in the hope of ranking up and not getting banned for their emotions or toxicity whatever you wanna call that.

For bragging rights:

Players also buy accounts to brag about their rank among their peers. Achieving a high rank in Dota is an impressive thing. So players buy accounts with higher ranks to only brag about them.

In this blog, I will rank 5 of the best websites you can buy a Dota account from. This list will include only websites that are reputed and well-versed by the community. So for whatever reason you want to buy a Dota 2 account for. You can follow this blog to buy your very first Dota 2 account.

1. MMR-boost:

The first website on the list is mmr-boost and the reason for them being first is quite a few so here’s a list of why you should consider them.

Well reviewed:

The amount of good reviews that they have is astronomical considering the size of the market of boosting. They have around 4.9-star ratings from more than 7 thousand reviewers on their website. While the reviews on trust pilot and are also good.

Good prices:

Prices on MMR-boost are also really good as compared to their other competitors. An average account with 5k elo is going for around 250$ which is less than their competitor’s offerings.


Mmr-boost delivers their account almost instantly after confirming your payment the max time of delivery is 24 hours and considering that they are not a marketplace the delivery time is also really good and stress-free.

There are also other reasons why they are in the number one spot but I have to put four more websites on the list and this will not be fair for them to list down all of the reasons.

2. Immortal boost:

The second iteration on the list is immortal boost and it’s a tight tie between these two. Here are some of the facts and reasons why they are second on the list and why you should buy accounts from them.

They are the descendant of MMR-boost:

So the first thing that I will tell you is that the website is powered/ owned by MMR-boost. Although both of these websites share the same owner they function differently. Mmr-boost is only focused on the Dota 2 side of things but Immortal Boost provides various boosting services for several competitive games.

Diverse customer base:

Because they don’t only sell Dota accounts the customer base is bigger and more diverse. So it is a whole lot of evidence that they are not gonna steal your money and run away. It is also the reason why they have more reviewers on trust pilots than MMR-boost.

Easier to use:

The website caters to more people and it has an easier and simpler design to navigate throughout the website and a fairly clutter-free checkout system for its customers.

Here are all your reasons and facts about immortal Boost and why you should consider them to buy cheap Dota accounts.

The first marketplace of account buying and selling on the list. G2G is kind of a for boosters and account sellers. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider buying accounts.


As I told you before G2G is a marketplace place which is why they have so much cheaper account prices than other websites. While there are some shady boosters on there if you find a well-reputed seller then it will be a much smoother ride for you.

Abundance of choices:

I’m not using that word lightly because, in the G2G marketplace, you’ll find more than 5 thousand accounts for sale. You’ll find your favorite account with every minute detail in it.

G2G is a good marketplace for someone who knows what he is doing. I would not suggest you go to the G2G marketplace as a first-timer because you can get confused with a lot of choices.

4. Vikingdota:

The second-last website/marketplace on the list is Viking Dota. it is in the same category as G2G but both of these websites are different because, on the one hand, G2G sells gift cards, game keys, and game accounts viking Dota sells accounts and boosting services. Here are some of the reasons why you should check them out.

Easier buying experience:

Buying an account from vikingdota is an easier experience for a player than buying it from G2G because the design and the choices are limited by the supply. So if you know what you are looking for it will be way easier for you to pick out your account.


Vikingdota is also well-reviewed by its buyers. Viking Dota got a 4.2-star rating out of 5 and because they don’t sell anything other than boosting and accounts, that is i have included their ratings and not G2G ratings.

If you are a first-time user then I would suggest you to buy your accounts from legitimate websites like mmr-boost or immortal boost as I have mentioned earlier because they have 24/7 chat support while also having an assurance of giving you your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase. But if you know what you are looking for then viking dota and g2g are also good options.

Eldorado gg:

The last website on the list is Eldorado. gg. This website is good for buying any game account. Pretty similar to g2g. Here are the reasons why they deserve a look out on their website:

One of the biggest account sellers:

Eldorado GG is one of the biggest account sellers overall. I’m not talking about Dota 2 but overall they have sold more than 300k accounts on their website. The number can be a bit off but they have sold a big chunk of Dota 2 accounts on their website.

General audience:

Because the website caters to so many buyers the look and design of their website are for the general public. So if you are not a niche buyer and don’t want his money’s every bit of worth then you can look to buy accounts from there.

While no doubt that Eldorado. gg is a good place for account buying. It is not a perfect place to buy a Dota 2 account. If you want to buy a Dota 2 account specifically you should buy it after doing proper research. But if you want to make the process quicker then buy your account from either Immortal or mmr-boost.