The Health Advantages of Taking Warm Baths in a Cast Iron Footed Bathtub

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People who seek ways to boost their immunity against contagious illnesses may be interested to learn that taking hot baths is connected with health advantages. A large Cast Iron Footed Bathtub is one of the best options for this activity since it lets men and women be fully immersed to the neck in warm, soothing water. They experience comfort and relaxation benefits along with a helping hand for the immune system.


Bathing may be considered a form of hydrotherapy. The activity encourages the person to take time out from a busy day and put life on hold for 10 or 20 minutes minimum. This can be a meditative experience or the individual might want to read. Listening to music or to an uplifting podcast are other activities people enjoy while in the tub. This is a good time to disconnect from the Internet and the phone.

Enhanced Circulation and Breathing

Blood flow increases during a hot bath, with the freer circulation bringing additional nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Also, the body tends to become more oxygenated because of the way the person breathes when fully relaxed. Breathing more deeply and slowly is beneficial, calming the production of stress hormones that can be harmful when their release is ongoing.

Reducing Congestion

Anyone with a stuffy nose or congested airways due to a mild illness or hay fever will find relief by breathing in the steam. People with clogged sinuses may be able to avoid using nasal spray. Breathing in the steam loosens mucus in the nose and bronchial passages. Someone with minor wheezing from allergies may be able to control this symptom with steam.

Other Advantages

Several other advantages are gained from soaking in the warm water. Aches and pains in the muscles and joints are minimized. The nervous system is calmed, which is an important effect related to immunity. Anxiety decreases and the mood improves. As the person lightly concentrates on the pressure and texture of the water, restfulness pervades the entire body. It’s not exactly a sensory deprivation tank, but the effects are about as close as one can get at home.